Photo Album: Brazil Late Harvest Cupping in Philadelphia

On Tuesday, March 4th, La Colombe hosted the only pre-auction cupping in the North East of all winning coffees in the Brazil Late Harvest Cup of Excellence. Andrew Hetzel who is a “Specialty Coffee Association of America Board Member and Chairman of SCAA’s Professional Development and Global Education Committees, as well as a Q Arabica and Q Robusta Instructor for the Coffee Quality Institute” was with us to present the coffees and run the cupping. The auction is today! Thanks to everyone in the Philadelphia coffee community who could make it.


JP & Todd, co-founders of La Colombe, ready for the day


Left to right: Philip, Todd, Andrew, and James setting up the cupping tables in URBN HQ Acid Bath Lecture Hall


Brent and Doug getting the samples ready


Brent weighing the beans


First cupping table ready to go. Cups


People are arriving


Doug, manager of our New York cafes


Arnaud and Hamza of Philadelphia sales team


Ready for Andrew Hetzel’s presentation of the coffees we will cup


Andrew introducing the Brazil Late Harvest COE winners


First set of cups


Andrew breaking the crust


Cupping the first table


17A and 17B roasted beans


La Colombe Philadelphia, New York and DC all together!


Second set of coffees: Dry fragrance


Slurp and spit

3 thoughts on “Photo Album: Brazil Late Harvest Cupping in Philadelphia

  1. I love La Colombe and the great coffee they make available. I have never been to a cupping, would really like to attend one, but I fear I might cheat and swallow the coffee before spitting it out! Thank you JP and Todd for the great coffee and the great pictures and the cool updates. Be careful and keep up the great work!

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